Payment & Recovery

Payment & Recovery

At Capital document Clearing LLC we provide an ever growing debt recovery service for outstanding payments incurred in United Arab Emirates .Our debt collection strategy includes tracing and verifying debtor’s addresses by searching various data base, making telephone calls and sending collection letters. Once debtors are located and contacted, we encourage them to satisfy the debt. We also provide credit control function for companies and assist in the recovery of difficult debts. We always opts to offer amicable settlement and may help in negotiating payment in full or part payments depending on the possible collaboration of both parties.

The use of a Debt Collection Agency is an excellent way of demonstrating the seriousness of continued non-payment of an account. Debt Collection Agencies are one of the most efficient and cost-effective way of prioritising an account for payment and recovering bad debt.

Our Debt Collectors always operate to the very highest standards. As debt collectors we are always mindful of future customer relationships and are very professional in the way we approach your clients.

We obtain payment of your overdue accounts using an established combination of letters, faxes, emails and telephone calls each aimed at bringing about the early settlement of your account. Our collection effort is escalated with every attempt we make to collect your account though the exact process we follow is flexible since each debt is handled individually.

Debt Collection Benefits

  • Fast payment – Customers normally pay faster once a Debt Collection Agency is involved:
  • Increased cash flow – Debt Collection Agencies can help increase your cash flow by reducing the amount of debts you have
  • Cost-effective – With low initial upfront costs.
  • Competitive commission charges – Our commission charges are very competitive and only charged on successful collection.
  • Nationwide service – No matter where your debt is we can help. We provide a Nationwide debt collection service.
  • More time for you by letting us collect your debts you have more time to spend running your business.